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We take over the project management in plant design for your company with regard to shipbuilding, power plant technique, environmental technology, Offshore and Onshore.The execution of tasks will be done according to the requirements of the customer, to the respective rules and to operation data of the plant.We offer the following skills and possibilities in the field of engineering and project management:


Repairs and spare parts for steam-heating-thermal and industrial boiler systems of all manufacturers.

  • Exchange of pipe fields
  • Exchange of economizer
  • Repair and exchange of flame tube
  • Repair and exchange of masonry
  • Repair and exchange of Feedwater tanks
  • Renewing pipelines
  • Dismantlement
  • Boilermaintenance

  • Flue gas side cleaning of the boiler.
  • Verification of the lining,Seals and wear parts.
  • Water-side review.
  • Valves control.
  • Creating a detailed inspection report, possibly with proposals to remedy any identified deficiencies.
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    Assembly performances

    Survey of the location, cost calculation, Development of solutions and offers.

  • Assembly of pipe systems (steel, copper, high-grade steel)
  • Steam heating system incl. condensate plant
  • hot-water radiator system
  • Thermal oil system
  • Cold water system for air-conditioning systems
  • Delivery and installation of fittings, heat exchangers, pumps etc.
  • Sweat work of every sort (Autogen, E- Hand, WIG, MAG), with authorized and checked welders.
  • Handing over of complete systems with tightness test and pressure test.
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    Engineering and Calculations

    Survey of the location, cost calculation, Development of solutions and offers.

  • Project planning, construction and delivery of plants and components for power plants, ship building and environmental technology.
  • Plants and components: fuel oil systems (oil/gas), exhaust gas systems, steam systems, condensate systems, hot water systems, thermal oil systems and cooling water systems.
  • Strength calculation of pressure vessels, boilers, pressurized components and pipes.
  • Calculation of heat capacities of tanks, separators, fuel oil modules, air condition plants, trace heating and all kinds of heat exchangers.
  • Fluid technical calculations of all pipes, fittings, valves and components.
  • Design of plant control and sensors.
  • Design of safety equipment for all kinds of pressure vessels according to the rules.
  • Plant design with CAD-Systems.
  • Commissioning and transition of the plant and the components to the customer.
  • Creation of quality documentation and technical documentation.
  • Project management of international projects for ship building and power plant techniques.
  • Budget controlling, pricing and coordination of projects.
  • Checking and calculation of auxiliary engines equipments
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    Instrument engineering

    Production of distributors and collectors for steam/condensate, thermal oil and water.

  • Pressure measuring joist, fill in equipment and air trap.
  • Pump stations as a unity on foundation frames and without fittings.
  • Heat exchanger stations to 2000 kg of total weight.
  • Module production according to handicaps of the customer.
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    Welding Service

    We provide welding services in the following procedure:

  • TIG 141, material groups 1-8
  • TIG 141, aluminum
  • Electrode 111, material groups 1,3,5,8
  • MAG 135/136, material groups 1,3,5,8
  • MIG 131, aluminum
  • Autogen G311
  • Orbital welding
  • Plasma Cuting
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  • Welding of pipes, edges, foundations.
  • Welding of stop short, shafts and channels of all forms and measurements.
  • Assembly and welding of complex ship constructions (stiffenings, straps, angle metals.)
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